08 November 2011

Georges chakra couture fall winter 2011-2012

 Feminine  & structured shapes

Season by Season, 
talented designer Georges Chakra
creates lovely Haute Couture cocktail dresses & evening gowns.
 Chakra’s collection is a mix of femininity & creativity with structured shapes & clean lines.
  His studies in architecture are apparent in the geometry of the collection.

Harmony is the key word for Chakra, Despite the use of geometric shapes that giving a masculine look,
He embellished the silhouettes with high rising ruffles at the collars and shoulders for softness .

Chakra gives unique and seductive twist in His dresses by mixing different rich and luxurious fabrics together, such as silk chiffon, delicate beading and the sequined fabrics with velvet, brocade, satin, shantung and leather.

The unexpected combinations of bright colors like red, fuchsia, purple, electric blue and bright orange with black and white are refreshing and eye-catcher.


  1. My love,
    this is a wonderful and elegantly collection!
    Very nice selection and effective description of dress-design :-))

  2. Thanks 7abebee Daki <3
    I'm so glad that u like it :)

  3. me 2 like this collection.... 3anjad woow