My name is Sameramese
 "Samiramise" was one of several legendary
"Assyrian" queens.
 the most recent was Semiramis the second for whom the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built.
"Samiramise": Semiramis InterContinental  Hotels At Cairo,Teniref ... .
"Samiramise": Dante Alighieri wrote about the queen Samiramise at "Divina Commedia".

I'm a fashion designer 
Living  in Haifa ,Israel 

I was born 1/2/1971

I Speak Arabic ,Hebrew ,English


 1992-1996 :Graduated from Wizo Canada college .Fashion designing-specializing in Evening and wedding gowns.

 1989-1991:studied Chemistry in the Israel    
Institute of Technology-Haifa.

 1996-2006  Fashion designer and Studio Owner for Evening & wedding gowns.