09 October 2011

Zuhair Murad Fall winter 2011-2012

Extraordinary Glamour Designs
The Famous Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad surprises us with Extravagant and Luxurious Breathtaking Silhouettes . He used Very precious fabrics... Flowy and silky materials like stain with sequince, and tight folds create seductive outfits.

The Japanese culture was a strong influence on Zuhair's collection. Red & black colors, Kimono's warps, cherry trees and bamboo leafs embroidery. 

 Timeless dresses feature fluid lined, soft and fine transparency
Sparkly and sleek purple gown

  Gowns feature floor length Kimono sleeves, Kimono's warps , flowers patterns and the Kimono Bow that define the waistline and the most common feature of this collection.

Zuhair Murad created  romantic dresses and sexy outfits using sheer matirials combined with silk, stain velvet, delicate lace sequinces and giltter.


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