18 June 2011

Eastern & Western culture at one dress - Elie Saab summer 2011

Elie Saab is a famous Lebanese fashion designer His creations can be found all around the world. he specialized by designing wedding dresses and evening gowns.he became an overnight success,Saab has dressed notable celebrities such as Beyonce, Halle Berry Christina Aguilera ,queen Rania, Angelina Jolie. 

Romantic silhouettes,Gorgeous haute coutuer  black gowns

Saab fashion show is a journey in a magnificent world & breathtaking dresses

Saab designs are the perfect reflection of elegance,  Glamour, sensuality, romanticism& femininity

Saab amazes us with his unique taste that combine between eastern culture and western culture
Fantastic collections with powerful colors made from fine & noble materials like Lace, Organza, Tulle and  Chiffon

Bridal embroidered tulle & lace gowns decorated by chiffon flower and Organza


  1. Very nice report my love! Keep moving forward :-)

  2. עם השמלות האלה יקירתי אני מתחילה בדייטאת כאסח ועוברת מהיום ללקק רק אינזימים של חסה
    אבל מה יהיה יש כבר עוגת קצף וקצפת בתנור ממממ...יאלה נדחה את הדייטה לשבוע הבא
    חלי בן דויד יועצת תדמית אישית ואנטי אייג'ינג

  3. Dear Heli your cakes are the best who need diet :)