23 July 2011

George shakra summer 2011 جورج شقرا صيف

The Couture Summer 2011 is a collection inspired mainly by Mother Nature.It treads the fine line between reality and fantasy .A trip to Glamor Beach. shades of Coral, Sea foam, and blue like a cobalt sky. It is extremely feminine, young and  dynamic collection                           
Dress under shades of iridescent green,
blue organza-very water lily like 

George shakra:" Lebanon is my native country ; it's where I grew up and where I spent most of my life. The Lebanese joy of life, the Mediterranean nature, it's sun and it's abundant colors have affected my designs. This is why my shows are always colorful."

جورج شقرا صيف2011
مصمم لبناني متألق في التصميم ,أزياءه  مصنوعة بذوق رفيع تعبر عن غنى ابداعي... احساس مرهف... ومخيلة خلاقة
لمساته دقيقة التفاصيل ممزوجة بالسحر الشرقي الدافئ . اختارألوان زاهية متماوجة بين السماوية والمرجانية كما وان الطبيعه مصدر ايحائه . موديلاته تنسجم مع جسد المراة وتسعى الى ابراز روح الأنوثة.

Strong structure, a mixture of linear lines versus fluid layers of fabric, awesome weaving techniques, and lots of transparent and glitter.


  1. very nice & cute... but to much i think:)

  2. Thx sis... u can find at George shakra collection more cloth & design for show than wearable cloth any way he is an artist and have lot of ideas that's why his designs are full of texture :)

  3. Baby, again one more great blog from you :-))♥