10 July 2011

"Les femmes bleu" Clean, Tailored lines by Giorgio Armani summer 2011

Giorgio Armani 
is an Italian fashion designer.

"Les femmes bleu"
was the name of his latest collection for summer 2011.

The blue nomads of the Sahara desert was the inspiration for this collection.

 Everything was navy shading toward midnight.  

Shades of Blue dominated Giorgio Armani's collection
Sprinklings of crystal and sequins shined like stars and appeared to echo the heavens night."Tuareg"head warps and tribal jewelry were inspired by Sahara.
Giorgio Armani's couture collection
was futuristic dominated by clean cuts, Simple silhouettes essential lines, stiff fabrics and metallic surprising colors.
The clothes appear to be illuminated by fluorescent lights from the futuristic city, accessorized with flat hats pulled down over the forehead.     

"Les femmes bleu"



  1. woman in black..... great ana 7abeeett:)

  2. במילה אחת WOW!
    ארמאני זה ארמאני איזה סטייל יה חביבתי...
    ואיזה אקססוריז?!
    אצלו הכל בגדול.
    חלי בן דויד
    יועצת תדמית אישית ואנטי אייג'ינג.

  3. dearest Heli Giorgio Armani’s secret weapon is focus. He’ll take one idea and elaborate on it over the course of a collection.
    The focal point was the night sky over the Sahara: warm, velvety blue, scattered with stars.

  4. My baby, it's a very interesting collection, specially the futuristic one :-))

  5. Thx my love I do like Armani's creations & designs :)